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What's Your Why?

About the Why

In the beginning . . .

My first job was at a school that I was the only new teacher in a small school.  I sat writing names down to help remember who they were & what they taught as I was going to co-teach reading comprehension an hour in five separate classrooms. Then they used their first name outside the meeting! I didn't have first names. Then I said, "I don't teach writing."  The truth was, I didn't know how.

Not fooling anyone . . . .

There were mistakes (there still are mistakes!) I was barely treading water in the beginning, my why got softer & softer. After 15 years, I switched to an integration specialist and beginning frantically treading water again.  To the point when I asked a colleague why he didn't reach out to work with me he replied, "I never know which Tana I'm going to get." OUCH. But it kick started my why again.

Purpose: Share Your Vision

The goal is to share visions plus actions.  If you could design a school, what would it be like? Would it connect to your why when you were that first-year teacher?  What's your hope?

Reach out to me if you'd like to add your vision to the page: tanaraiyne@gmail.com